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About Us

Dabbing in Water

Our Mission

To elevate the secondhand shopping experience in order to drive the cultural shift toward fashion circularity while increasing awareness about the waste and pollution caused by the fashion industry.

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Our Motivation

We are motivated by three words: pollution, waste, and hope.  What images come to mind when you think of those words? Maybe you picture massive garbage dumps, littered beaches, billowing smokestacks, oil-covered birds, or some nasty mystery liquid spewing out of a pipe into a waterway.  However, most people don't think about the clothes on their backs. The truth is, the fashion industry contributes to all of the devastating pollution and waste we envision, and in a major way.  

Our hope is to change that. We know there are people searching for practical, sustainable, environmentally conscious options and we want to connect!

Friends in Nature

Our Vision

We see a fierce tribe of people, connected by our love & respect for the planet and all who inhabit her. We see culture shifting & people thinking twice about buying new because they know it took thousands of gallons of water and oil to get each item onto that display. We see people keeping more of their hard-earned money for themselves and their families, up to 90% to be exact**.


We see clothing becoming an asset; something that has value beyond its MSRP, something that should be taken care of, not just because it can be exchanged (which is awesome) but also because that shirt, that pair of pants cost much more to the environment and the people who live near where it was produced than it cost you to buy it.

**U.S Labor and Statistics

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